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The Story

During the war of 2006, a close dear lady was in urgent need of blood. I had to cross long distances under the shells to find matching donors. Due to the lack of data, we struggled to meet our critical time limit with the...

Our Aim

Our aim is to be able to save as much lives as possible,

Asma Sweidan:

As I was filing my registration form before going into surgery to undergo a c-section to deliver my twin girls, I panicked when I learned that the hospital had no units of O- blood.
With no hesitation, I posted my request through the ibloodlink app and couldn't believe how quickly donors complied to my request! I had such a great experience with the ibloodlink app.
It's easy to use, efficient, and a medium between yourself and others like you! Save a life and download the app!

Deenah Fakhoury:

A great tool with a great cause!! We all need blood at one point in time, and we need to know how to donate blood as well.
I salute the initiative. It will save time, energy and above all : LIVES


Very useful and simple to use application. It is a must have on any phone. This application save lives.