Terms and Conditions

  1. The iBloodlink application and service is a telecommunication service offering, and facilitating a linkage between blood donors and blood recipients. It is not offering or promoting and it is not to be considered in any way as a medical service, nor offering any medical advice, treatment, analysis or healing result.
  2. The user/s of the iBloodlink application admit by the fact they agree to the present conditions and terms, that: a) They are of 18 year old and above; b) They are aware of all the medical impact on their own health of blood donating or blood receiving from other individual/s and that their eligibility to donate or receive blood has been professionally evaluated by their own physician and that they are fully and solely responsible for the said evaluation ; c) They have adequate knowledge of their medical background and history and that they are fully responsible for their medical past especially of any contaminating diseases and that they shall adequately report such medical history prior to donating or receiving blood; d) They understand and agree that iBloodlink is only offering a telecommunication tool and is only a link between blood donors and blood recipients. e) They accept to leave iBloodlink and the operators, owners and affiliates thereof as harmless and liable-free from any claim of whatsoever nature resulting from using the iBloodlink service.
  3. iBloodlink does not guarantee the availability of donors of any blood type or any blood/platelets at any time.
  4. iBloodlink uses mobile telephony services to inform donors or recipients requests, and therefore, any failure of the mobile coverage, or internet connection or technical problems relating to the users’ mobile hardware or connection, and hindering the iBloodlink service shall not be the responsibility of iBloodlink owners or operators.
  5. Users of the iBloodlink service who would make any profits or seek to sell blood units received from donors using the iBloodlink services shall be solely responsible before the law, and shall leave iBloodlink harmless from any such liability resulting from making illicit profits by selling blood.

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